Friday, August 7, 2009

Free public programs on Saturdays! AUGUST SCHEDULE

Saturday Morning Art Drop-In at the Creative Kids Museum! Did you know we hold a free class for young learners from 10am to 12am every Saturday? Come try us out!

What's happening in August 2009, you ask?

Date: August 8
Suggested age: 2 and up
Topic: Sun Prints

Explore translucent, transparent and opaque surfaces to create wonderful works of art!

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Date: August 15
Suggested age: 2 and up
Topic: Paper Dying

Fold, bend, pleat dip paper to create a wonderful kaleidoscope of color!

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Date: August 22
Suggested Age: 6 and up (they will be using glue guns), 6 and under can work with different textured papers and white glue.
Topic: Robots!

Create your own 3D Robot out of found objects! Recycle old items and turn them into art!

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Found Art, better known as Found object/Junk Art or the Readymade, describes art created from the use of objects that are not usually viewed as art, because they already have a non-art function.

Marcel Duchamp of the early 20th century 'found' himself famous after Fountain, 1917. Since then, art became more diverse and wide range.