Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Band takes a break from Practice

Hi, This is the Sound and Music Area speaking! I am the part of the Museum where visitors can explore Music! Somewhere inside my walls live Dr. Billy and the Teddy Bear Experience. They are a fuzzy rock 'n roll band and best friends. Have you ever seen them practice? You have to look all around for them, they are kind of difficult to find! Dr. Billy is a doctor of sound, he does the arrangements and writes the songs. Teddy is the bass player, he enjoys the simple things in life. Rabbit plays lead guitar and does the vocals, he is the one that tells the other band members when their guitars need tuning. His ears were made for listening!

Today after all the visitors left the building, Dr. Billy and the Teddy Bear Experience took a break from band practice, and explored the Creative Kids Museum:

They waited until everyone was gone and snuck out from their rehearsal space. Do you know where they rehearse? Next time you visit us, try to find them! they are ALWAYS practicing (except, ofcourse, when they are not).

Rabbit and Dr Billy played with my musical floor, while Teddy was mesmerized by my disco ball.

Then they went into my Techno Room where Dr Billy broke down some serious beats while Rabbit did some mixing. Teddy could not stop staring at my disco ball!

Rabbit went into my JAM Room, and listened very closely to the new sounds that Dr Billy was experimenting with. Its very helpful to have Big ears when you play in a band! Then I could not see them anymore, but I could tell they were very inspired by the sounds that they experimented with!

Hi Im the Sculpture Pit, I am the part of the Museum where you can build, invent and construct!

Here Teddy and Dr. Billy put together a carrot for Rabbit. He could only imagine eating a carrot that big!


"Can you hear me now?" Teddy said.

Dr. Billy posed for a portrait at the Collage Area, Rabbit did the gluing, and Teddy handed him the materials! It looks just like him don't you think?

Oh dear. Sometimes when you are with friends, things can get a little silly!

Teddy needed some quiet time after all that giggling, and read the Band members a story about a Frog.


Hi Im the Theatre, Im the place where you can act out stories, put on plays, puppet shows, dance, or even act out scenes from your favorite movies!

"Hello!"yells Rabbit.

"Hi!" yells Dr. Billy.

"How is it going?" sais Teddy.

Hello I am the Giant Chair, I welcome you into the Creative Kids Museum. Dr. Billy is always such a joker that he decided to show off for his friends. "Get Down Dr! Those things are not for climbing!!"

Although things did not end as planned the band sure had a great time! (Not to worry Dr. Billy can still play the guitar!)