Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday October 30 2010

Little Learners 10am-11:30 Free with Admission!
Join us for this special class for our visitors 2-5 years old!

Using natural materials we will learn about some of the different types of flora (flowers) in Calgary! We will use magnifying glasses to compare and contrast different types of leaves and other natural materials. We will follow a nature obstacle course, and then use natural materials to make a collaborative birds nest!

Saturday Afternoon Art Drop In 12:00-2:00pm Free with Admission
Specially designed for children 6 and up!

Einstein Portraits
Find out about Einstein, the man, and who he was! You will be able to choose from a variety of mediums to create an Einstein portrait, discover what a portrait is and why they are made, and express your thoughts about Einstein’s life! How can we imagine Einstein – is he more than just a man with frizzy white hair?