Saturday, October 3, 2009

Artist Space residency: VAL LAWTON 10/10 - 11-4

Val Lawton will be starting her residency in the Artist Space October 10 - November 4:
Val Lawton, Illustrator

Val Lawton’s favourite children’s books growing up were the great English stories
like Winnie-the-Pooh and Tim Goes to Sea. It was the scratchy pen and ink
illustrations that especially appealed to her as they left so much up to her

Today, Val creates art for books in a similar free-wheeling
style. She also loves to experiment with this style of drawing and the old-fashioned
optical devices like flip-books, thaumatropes and zoetropes.

Val will be exploring some of these 19th century animation toys during the month of
October and invites children young and old to join her. She will have zoetrope on-hand, as well as supplies to create two-sided thaumatropes, and short flip-books.

Val’s is currently at work illustrating Where Does Your Cat Nap?, and will have some
of her work-in-progress at the Museum during the month of October. When she’s not
illustrating, Val’s teaching with the Learning Through the Arts program.

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Books Illustrated:
Where Does Your Dog Sleep?, Nickel’s Worth Publishing, 2008
The GDA Diet: Shop Yourself Thin with Nigel Denby, Wiley & Sons/Capstone Publishing
(UK), 2008
Emily’s Magical Journey with Toothena the Tooth Fairy, Strategix Ltd., 2007
Raising Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby Care,
Jossey-Bass, 2007
Mr. Bert's Story Time, Scholastic Canada, 2006
A Blanket Full of Love, Starrytime Keepsakes, 2006
Dealing with Grief (Elizabeth Fry series, 2 of 4), Grassroots, 2006
Living with Stress (Elizabeth Fry series, 1 of 4), Grassroots, 2005
Stroke of Luck...not!, Detselig Press, 2005
Summer Fun, Harcourt Canada, 2004
Reading and Learning: a Handbook for Adults, Grassroots, 2003
Books Authored:
New York: The Empire State (a guide to American States series), Weigl, 2001
West Virginia: The Mountain State (a guide to American States series), Weigl, 2001
Ohio: The Buckeye State (a guide to American States series), Weigl, 2001
Space (FinditQuick series), Golden Books, 2000