Friday, October 23, 2009


Saturday Morning Art Drop-in Schedule

October 17

Create Spatter Art with Elastic Energy

What is the science behind elastic energy? What kind of a simple machine
can we use to create our works of art?
Ages 5 and up

*Please be aware this is a messy activity!

October 24

Make your own Sundial!
Use art to tell time! We will be using air dry clay to create a real
working sundial!

Ages 5 and up

October 31

Spooktacular Halloween Event!
"Dia de los Muertos!" create your own folk art Doll and learn about
Halloween traditions in Mexico! 10am-12am

"Total Voice Makeover" work with our onsite Artist to record a Halloween
greeting in a spooky voice! 1-4pm

Watch for more Spookatcular Activites throughout the day!